Drew Barrymore Shares Tips on How to Bring a Personal Touch to Your Home Design (Exclusive)

This week’s Dear Drew is all about your home. The Drew Barrymore Show host is sharing her tips on bringing a personal touch to your space with ET this week, and the first viewer question has one fan wondering about the decor Drew Barrymore has in her own home.

“Dear Drew, how would you describe your home decor in three words?” ET’s Nischelle Turner reads. “Eclectic, layered, clean,” Barrymore responds.

The actress, who has her own kitchenware line at Walmart, went on to explain that home has taken on a new meaning since the pandemic.

“I am trying to find the balance between hoarder and minimalist,” Barrymore shares, adding, “Because…especially after the pandemic and being at home, it’s changed that space for everybody. It’s now much more than a home.”

The next question is all about making your home kid-friendly and design-forward at the same time.


“Dear Drew, my kid’s stuff is taking over our house. Any tips on how to store toys in a more decorative way?” Turner reads.

“I do believe there is a reason cliché classic toy chests worked, it’s because a kid can really lift it up and throw everything in there and then when it’s closed, it can be used as a bench seat,” the mom of two explains. “But when you get into too many cubbies and boxes, you’re going to overwhelm that child, you’re going to overwhelm yourself. Find something that you can really dump everything into.”

The next question has one fan wondering what the talk show host’s nightstand looks like, and while what’s on your nightstand can reveal a lot about you, for Barrymore, it’s a bit of a catch-all.

“OK, there’s always a picture of my two kids even though they’re in my face 24/7,” Barrymore says. “There’s always a huge stack of books, and now reading glasses since I can’t look at a book without glasses, and then I would say about three or four times a week, I have to look at it and say, how did this happen?!” She continues, “There are crumbs and cups, and junk everywhere and then I get it all tidied up and it happens all over again.”

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