Keep your hands free and your eyes on the road with a magnetic car mount!

Magnetic Car Mounts for iPhone

There’s no question; it’s dangerous to hold your phone while driving, so your best bet is to get a car mount. While some mounts can be tedious, others, like a handy magnetic mount, make life so much easier when you’re getting in and out of the car. Whether you’re the proud owner of a spanking new iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or have an older iPhone, these mount suggestions will work for just about any model. Here are the best iPhone magnetic car mounts.

Important note: If your phone supports wireless charging, you’ll have to be careful where you place the metal disc, so it doesn’t interfere with the coils. Find out where the charging coils are located and stick the metal away from them. Or better yet, put the metal between your phone and a case so you can take it out whenever you want to charge up wirelessly.

Nite Ize Steelie Car mount

Small footprint:
Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit

Staff Favorite

If you’re looking for a magnetic mount with a small footprint, then the Steelie is the best. There are several configurations, but the basic one is a small magnetic ball and a little magnetic circle that adheres to your iPhone case. The magnet is powerful, you can orient your iPhone in any way you like, and it sticks steady even when charging.

obaska phone car mount

Minimal design:
Obaska Magnetic Phone Car Mount

The Obaska tops of our list as one of the best iPhone car accessories this year. Featuring a sturdy and rugged magnet for a secure hold, the Obaska mount works with all current iPhone models going back to the iPhone 6. With no clamps or cradles, this is a simple mount to install. It’s also our favorite because of that simplicity.

$10 at Amazon

Rugged design:
FITFORT Magnetic car phone mount

FITFORT’s mount adheres to your dash on a flat surface and features a fully adjustable, 360-degree pad, making it great for awkward mounting spots. Its round magnetic pad is easy to slap your phone onto, and it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as mounts with brackets and arms.

$12 at Amazon

WizGear universal air vent mount

Cheap and reliable:
WixGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount

If you’re looking for something easy to install, the WixGear is the iPhone magnetic mount for you. Relatively compact, this mount fits into an air vent for a no-fuss installation. The magnetic mount has a smooth surface that is perfectly suitable for mounting and holding any smartphone in place. Did we mention its low price?

Two for one:
Maxboost Car Mount 2-pack

Maxboost’s mounts attach to your air vent and have a sizable magnetic pad, making it super easy to find in the dark. If there are two of you in the car, why should one of you still have to hold onto your phone? This two-pack solves that problem. Maxboost’s mounts come with a circular metal plate and a rectangular plate each.

$8 at Amazon

Aukey Magnetic Mount Render Cropped

Super adjustable:
AUKEY car phone mount

AUKEY’s phone holder gives you a dash-mountable setup. It has a 360-degree rotating mechanism so you can move your iPhone from portrait to landscape for better viewing in Maps. The strong magnet grips your phone tightly while the arm secures to a flat surface on your dash. It’s simple, and it works.

Torras magnetic car mount

Best for older phones:
TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount

For older or smaller phones, the TORRAS magnetic car mount should be your go-to. The Torras car mount works with your phone’s case and uses neodymium magnets to hold your phone steady. Featuring 360-degree rotation, the TORRAS includes a solid metal ball joint in the middle of the car phone holder. It’s quick to install and perfect for smaller phones.

$15 at Amazon

vava phone car mount

Strong magnet:
VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder

Able to support devices weighing up to 6.6 pounds, the VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder includes a 90-degree vertical and 360-degree horizontal rotation. Includes a 3M adhesive.

$12 at Amazon

Bestrix phone mount

Beautiful look:
Bestrix Magnetic Dashboard Mount

The Bestrix Magnetic Car Mount offers a luxurious look and fits all dashboards with smooth surfaces, excluding leather/faux leather dashboards. It will work with phones up to 6.4-inches only, which excludes the iPhone XS Max. The Bestrix features ABS plastic and a strong gel base.

Important to note …

Just like you expect your iPhone case to protect your phone while you’re out and about, the best iPhone magnetic car mount will hold your iPhone snug and keep it safe from falls. The best iPhone magnetic car mount today is the Nite Ize Original Steelie Dash Mount Kit. It’s small in size, works with an iPhone case, and you can freely rotate your iPhone and switch between portrait and landscape modes.

If you’re looking for a bargain, you can’t beat the Obaska Magnetic Phone Car Mount. It offers a secure hold to all iPhones, including those dating back to the iPhone 6.

If you prefer your mount to rotate from portrait to landscape, it’s a no-brainer to go with AUKEY. One end attaches to your dash, and the other holds your phone with a powerful magnet that lets you move your phone 360 degrees for the perfect view.

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