I am the father of the only student in the 14-year-old class who does not have a mobile

“My son. 14 years. Crying like a muffin because we didn’t buy her a cell phone. It is already difficult for us to do homework, study, go to bed and not be distracted without having a mobile, to buy one. And the problem is not him. The problem is the parents of others ”, complained the father of a teenager on a Twitter post that went viral a while ago. “EVERYONE, absolutely ALL 3rd ESO students have a telephone,” he lamented.

Its publication, which even had repercussions in the media, generated a strong debate about whether parents should give in to this demand ever earlier of adolescents. What should you do if your child is the only one in his class who does not have a mobile? Can you strike a balance without going to the extreme of excluding you from your friends or exposing you to dangers you are unprepared for?